This is news?

So let me get this straight. A 69-year old man mistakenly flies his Cessna too close to the White House, setting up a 9/11 panic that evacuates the capitol. And the FAA revokes his license. I am stunned that this is newsworthy. The FAA revoking his license evokes the same suprise in me as if the sun came up in the morning.

So, if this is news that they revoke his license, what does that say for the FAA standards? ‘Though hundreds of people have mistakenly flown into Washington’s restricted airspace, the FAA rarely revokes a pilot’s license for such an offense. In this case, the agency determined Sheaffer “constitutes an unacceptable risk to safety in air commerce.'” Holy Moley!

If you’re a fan of Mr. Sheaffer, don’t worry. He can reapply for a new license in a year.

One thought on “This is news?”

  1. Hey, I took a crap today!!! Yeah, you might think that things such as Darfur might actually make the national news with a bit more regularity.

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