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Having been raised properly, I am a Patriots fan. These days, that’s great, it’s virtually impossible to be trashtalked, you can make continual snarky comments and there is no reply. They are always on TV, which is a nice change when you’re stuck in Georgia.

But even a homer like myself is annoyed by the idiotic coverage. The rule seems to be that since the Patriots are such a great team, anything they do, particularly Belichick or Brady, must be amazing. This is of course ridiculous.

From yesterday’s disaster game against the Panthers, “..Brady steps back. No pash rush at all. Look how calmly he just stands there!” Um — if there’s no pash rush, what’s so hard about just standing there?

From the opener aginst the Raiders (paraphased), “For anyone else, that would be have been a very bad decision. But with Belichick, you know it’s part of a bigger plan.” Well, no you don’t. Belichick makes plenty of mistakes.

Belichick has one great skill that gives him the edge. He is an analytical thinker who challenges the conventional wisdom. That doesn’t sound like much, but when applied right, it’s all you need. He never overpays for players, he is able to find good players that no one else valued, he maximizes the player skill for the money. In today’s world of salary cap parity, that is an enormous advantage. During a game, he doesn’t accept the conventional wisdom about when to onside kick, when to go for it on fourth down, not to repeat the same play twice, etc.

My prediction: Over the next 5 years, you will see a new crop of coaches that understand how to think this way. The Patriot’s edge will slowly dilute, because other teams will be doing the same things they are.

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  • Qwunk says:

    It’s the same about Michael Vick, especially here in Atlanta. The commentators fawn over him and hardly ever point it out when he makes a mistake. Granted, he does amazing things, but it’s like they’re trying to become his best friend. It’s rare to hear some critical analysis. Of course most football announcers are crap these days…

  • Muttrox says:

    Oh yeah, Vick gets the treatment too. If he falls on his ass, it’s to set the defense up for something later. Geez, I like watching Vick too, but c’mon…

  • Muttrox says:

    Check out for More on Vick’s rep vs. his actual record.

  • Black Knight says:

    The big difference between Brady and Vick is that yes, they both get passes on their mistakes, but Brady has earned it. Hey — you win 3 Super Bowls, you earn a few free passes. Nothing wrong with that.

    Damn, I wish the Raiders had Brady. And Vinitieri. And Belichick. Hell, can we just give the Pats a bunch of silver and black uniforms to play in next Sunday …

  • Muttrox says:

    There’s a good fumble play joke in there somewhere…

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