TV and the “Blind” button

All TVs now come with a mute button. I am asking for a “blind” button. This would keep the sound going, but turn off the image. It would be good for shows with gross medical stuff. NipTuck, medical surgery shows, etc. Seriously, who wants to watch that stuff, it’s repulsive. I know have all kinds of disgusting organy things inside me, but I don’t need to think about it. It would be good when good songs are played on a show, but the imagery is just annoying. Any of the CSI/Who openings, bands that should wear bags on their head, etc.

Most people already have a hundred stations that do nothing but broadcast music. Why not complete the comparison and turn off the video? This is especially easy in the digital TV/TiVo world, it ought to be one simple button.

Yes, this is a great idea! No doubt about it – that Muttrox sure is smart! But even one so insightful and brilliant as I cannot come up with the right name for this function.

The sound one is called “mute” to indicate no noise being broadcast, not deaf, which would refer to you the listener. (Wouldn’t it be funny if they had called it “dumb” instead?) What is the equivalent with light? Is there a word for someone that can’t show themselves? Well, no, that’s physically impossible, more or less. Blind? Invisible? Ideas welcomed.

One thought on “TV and the “Blind” button”

  1. So powerpoint calls it Black Screen when you block out the presentation. So you could use Black or Blank.

    It would work better if there were an icon that said when it was safe to watch again. Or a setting that automatically blocked things for when you’re flipping channels and stumble upon Fear Factor’s eating living slugs while immursed in sewage segment or the lastest edition of Extreme Makeover (Not the Home Edition, the original recipe. Although I could do without some of the people on that show too).

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