Bad Aim by the Left

Stop yammering about Cheney’s hunting accident. It’s not important. It has no larger ramifications. Last week, Peter Daou wrote an excellent post about Scandal Fatigue, widely cited, and yet this week every blog is taking time out to try and make points on the Cheney incident. Every time you talk about this, you’re not talking about illegal wiretapping, torture, lying AGs, record deficits, corrupt majority leaders, etc.

One thought on “Bad Aim by the Left”

  1. I don’t know, when the #2 guy of the most pro-gun administration in recent history demonstrates his own inability to use a gun safely, I think it’s worth discussing a little. I’ll also take this opportunity to point out that in the week leading up to the Iowa caucus in January 2004, John Kerry went hunting w/ the Governor of Iowa and fired exactly two shots, killing exactly two birds.

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