McKinney cries wolf

Georgia’s own Cynthia McKinney is fighting the establishment once again. It’s a coin flip with her — she says things no one else will say. Sometimes she’s right, often she’s wrong. This time she’s very wrong.

The issue at hand is a recent incident at the Capitol building. She was physically grabbed by the police, she hit one of them back, they are considering arresting her. More details: Representatives do not have to go through standard security procedures. McKinney went in through the special route, the police did not recognize her as a Rep, the rest followed.

A couple days ago, McKinney called a press conference to claim the whole thing is based on racism, and that she has often been singled out. The NYT printed this without much comment, though they did use the least flattering picture one could imagine.

So far, I was inclined toward McKinney’s side. But ah, there was one small detail buried within…

Ms. McKinney, a lawmaker known for provocative statements, acknowledged that she had not been wearing the lapel pin that would have identified her as a member of Congress. But she said the police responsible for protecting lawmakers should recognize them on sight

With a little more digging, one can see the same stance back in 2002. “the Capitol Police pinned a picture of McKinney to an office wall, warning officers to learn her face because she refuses to wear her member’s pin.”

It’s simple.  She broke the rules. The onus is on her to wear the lapel pin, the onus is not on every security guard at the capitol to know 435 representatives by sight. Which, by the way, seems like a bit of a high standard. Does she imagine they should be training every night with a face book, and calling emergency all nighters after every election to get to know the new ones? How on earth is this racism, or even an issue? It’s just common sense. If I refuse to wear my badge at work, I can’t expect security to know who I am and treat me like someone special. She’s exhibiting the kind of arrogance and lack of accountability that she would rightly condemn in a GOP politician.

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  • Jabley says:

    So you might end up deleting this first line, but Cynthia McKinney is an idiot and a waste of flesh. The person to blame for the ongoing McKinney debacle is Denise Majette, who previously trounced McKinney due to the fact that GOP voters (God bless them for once) correctly judged the 4th district a lost cause and helped bounce McKinney in the Democratic primary. Majette did well in her first term and had a lock on this seat until she got delusions of grandeur. Rather than invoking common sense and easily winning her House seat again, she went schizoid, heard God “talk” to her (He conveniently told her to run for higher office), and rightly got her ass handed to her in a lopsided Senate race. This is one of the few (only?) House seats I’d rather see occupied by Duke Cunningham or Tom DeLay than the Democratic incumbent. I wish she would have gotten Tazered—now that would have been a story.

  • Jordan says:

    She’s an idiot. And so was her father. I also wish she’d been tasered. Would have taught her to wear her ID badge.

  • martin says:

    What does tasered mean.
    This woman-pardon my generalizing-acts the stereotypical role of the Black and is a disgrace to her race and the human race. What does it say for the voters when they elect someone like her?

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