America’s Got Talent

I flip to this show once in a while. If nothing else, I’m hoping to see David Hasslehoff reprise his greatest lyrics ever — hooga hooga oooga chakka, hooga hooga oooga chakka, hooga hooga oooga chakka… (easily the worst video ever, simply off the unintentional comedy scale).

So here’s my issue with America’s Got Talent. Some of the acts shouldn’t even be allowed on the stage. Not because of their [lack of] talent, but because of their field. Let’s just say it. Comedians, Singers and Musical bands shouldn’t be eligible. Why?

Because there are so many other ways for these people to get recognized if they really are talented. There are already plenty of venues for talent in these fields to be recognized. You can be out performing at countless open mic acts across the land, building a following, and getting to be famous the way all of your heros did. And if you’re really that talented, you’ll make it.

On the other hand, if your talent is quick change routines, juggling, smoking lots of cigarettes, mulitplying numbers quickly, or any of the truly bizzare acts, what else are you going to do? Not a lot of other ways to the top for you.

This is related to the now-famous Funnel Theory. If you are a comedian or musician, and you appear on America’s Got Talent, all you’ve proven is that you are a complete failure among your peers, and you are even worse than a sellout — you are a sellout that no one wants to buy.

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