Loverboy proves why looks matter

Back in my day, MTV ran great contests. “People really win on MTV”, which they did. One contest was to appear in a Loverboy video. This was back when Loverboy was a big deal, and videos were also. When Loverboy’s new video did come out, I was curious to see the winner. I didn’t. On the third or fourth viewing (I didn’t have much else to do in those days), I caught a glimpse of her. Check her out at 0:16 of the video.

I feel bad for her. Clearly, as soon as the director took one look at her, she got buried in a quick half-second cut and was never heard from again. You can bet if she was even half-way decent looking, they’d have figured out some way to feature her more.

Postnote 1: I’m not nearly as snarky about Loverboy as this guy (see entry #5). Sure, it was all cheesy 80s music, but they had some fine pop songs. Working for the Weekend is still on my playlist.

Postnote 2: On the other hand, I have distinct memories of a video at a gas station, and the drummer had to try and mime his drumming using those big gas nozzles. Priceless.

One thought on “Loverboy proves why looks matter”

  1. You have to see CRANK to see the best use EVERY of a Loverboy song on film. Two guys want to kill each other. One is having dinner at a Chinese restaurant. He sees the other guy walk through the seating area into the restaurant. He rises from his seat and stalks into the kitchen, looking for his enemy – and up comes the synth drama of TURN ME LOOSE. It’s actually quite fantastic!

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