4 thoughts on “One of the proudest moments of my life”

  1. Ah yes, Free Cell vs. Spider Solitaire. My mistake.

    The babysitter story is funny, ruining your perfect record. Reminds me of BAH HAH ruining the clean sweep of Dripper in Future Tank.

  2. I was 800+ and 0, and our babysitter started playing after the kids went to bed, and lost a few times. I think I almost killed her when I found out.

    Stay at Home, I think you’re confusing Spider Solitaire with Free Cell, another excellent game. That’s where we did the races, right?

    I’m trying to decide whether to attack 4-color Spider Solitaire. I’ve only won a couple times there, seems next to impossibl.e

  3. Well, I for one am impressed, at the sheer stamina it must have taken for such an achievement. I know you’ve been going for this for, what, 20 years? You set out a nearly unreachable goal, slaved away through those dog days in the 300-0 and 400-0 range, and withstood the pressure of the 980-0 days also.

    I remember those years when you were just an intermediate Spider solitaire player, and we used to race on the phone. “Play board #634, it’s a bear!” I won’t bother asking how much cheating went into this record (I won’t give away your secret), but nevertheless this is quite a record. Shouldn’t someone at Microsoft give you a plaque or something? Congrats, K.

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