Why is lying on the OpEd page OK?

Today David Brook’s contributed one of the most dishonest Op-Ed’s I’ve ever seen. It’s a case study in why his writing is despised by so many.

Worse, more and more people are falling for the Grand Delusion — the notion that if we just leave the extremists alone, they will leave us alone. On the right, some believe that if we just stop this Wilsonian madness of trying to introduce democracy into the Arab world, we can return to an age of stability and balance. On the left, many people can’t seem to fathom an enemy the U.S. isn’t somehow responsible for. Others think the entire threat has been exaggerated by Karl Rove for the sake of political scaremongering.

This “Grand Delusion” would be a serious problem. If it actually existed. There is not one politician of any importance who believes we can just leave the extermists alone. Not one. This Grand Delusion is about as real as the idea that if you eat pop rocks and then drink a coke, you’ll die. The whole idea is a complete lie and Brooks knows it.

3 thoughts on “Why is lying on the OpEd page OK?”

  1. It is an absolute fact that if you eat pop rocks and drink a Coke, you will die. It seems like only yesterday our childhood friend Sean died that way. Maybe you don’t remember because it was so horrible and tragic. But I do. I remember that day when you came home with your friend’s brains and half-digested pop rocks all over your shirt, crying about how his head blew up when he drank a Coke right after eating pop rocks. It happened down in his basement while you were listening to his older brother’s Aerosmith albums. It was a sad day. You might have forgotten. But I haven’t. So stop making yourself look foolish on the Internet by proclaiming that true things are false.

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