Six more random links o’ interest

Dennis Leary and Lenny Clarke’s hilarious guest-broadcasting at the Red Sox game. Lots of great ethnic humor, and see how far Mel Gibson’s stock has fallen.

Watch a woman being animated from the inside out (I reccomend the 4x button)

How not to read a book

An enormous map of Springfield (from The Simpsons). Someone spent way way too much time on this. That’s a good thing.

Forget whether what you believe is right — test how self-consistent they are (I was pleased by my 20% score)

Scott Adams cures himself of Spasmodic Dysphonia, the first ever cure. (This is a serious piece, not Dilbert comedy).

3 thoughts on “Six more random links o’ interest”

  1. Woodman — I think what they’re saying is that if you believe the Holocaust happened as a fact (regardless of what it was about) instead of saying it depends or you’re unsure, you’re basically saying that you believe in one version of the truth. So if you then turn around and say that truth is relative to a culture, you’re contradicting yourself. What about the culture of Holocaust deniers — their truth is that it never happened.

  2. I got a 13% tension quotient – 2 pairs of questions in tension. I think the scoring is “the lower your score, the less contradictions in your thinking”.

  3. So I got a 33% tension quotient. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be high or low. I guess my problem is that you can rationally explain all of the contradictions. The first statement basically makes you explain your feelings on a person’s choice or ability. Then you are asked an opinion on a specific statement.

    So for instance, apparently I can’t believe that the holocaust happened and that “truth” is relative to a culture. I don’t see the tension there. No matter what you think the holocaust was about, can you dispute that people died?

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