Follow-up to College Sports

I don’t get college sports fans. This is a follow-up from the Almighty Sports Guy about people who are fanatics about the sports programs of colleges they didn’t even go to.

Q: I read your article about rooting for a soccer team in England and can understand your point about the lack of passion in pro sports. While I will grant you that might be fun, the obvious question is why not throw yourself into a college team?
–Michael Spurlin, Austin, Texas

SG: You root for a school for four reasons: Either you grew up near them, you followed them since you were kid, you went there or your kid is going there. And that’s it. For instance, let’s say that I decided tomorrow, “UCLA is a half-hour from my house and I like their uniforms … screw it, I’m becoming a Bruins fan!” And I started going to football and basketball games and sitting with alumni and fans whose families had been following them for four generations. I mean, wouldn’t that be a little weird? That’s like showing up at some stranger’s house for Thanksgiving and being like, “Hey, I’m in the family now! Pass the turkey!” I just couldn’t do that and feel good about it.

One thought on “Follow-up to College Sports”

  1. You gotta catch “Big Trouble” by Dave Barry (either the book or the movie, they’re equally good in different ways). They have a great recurring bit about college sports.

    Also, have you heard/seen Blue Man Group perform Baba O’Reilly? I saw it live about a month ago. Totally kicks ass. There’s a YouTube video, but it doesn’t capture the full effect. Great use of the Piano Smasher instrument.

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