Links O’ Interest

Drew Bledsoe’s blog. This is drop-dead hilarious for NFL fans.

Don’t – See if you are educated enough to vote. (I got 96%, missed the new UN President)

This Cognitive Science graduate student used his mad brain knowledge to win on Who Wants to be a Milliionaire

A funny look back at Donald Rumsfeld’s press conference antics.

Worst burglar ever

Worst video game ever
(read the review)

John Kerry tries to tell other jokes

5 thoughts on “Links O’ Interest”

  1. woo-hoo, I got a perfect hundred. I guess that means I get to vote in 2008 and you don’t!!

    I don’t get the Bledsoe thing at all, what am I missing?

  2. I got the same score as you – 96% – and muffed the same question. I deserved to do worse because I really wasn’t sure that was Chief Justice John Roberts. I guessed it was him because I knew it wasn’t any of the others.

  3. No, I have no idea. I mean, I get the fact that it’s some guy making fun of Drew Bledsoe, but I don;t get all the jokes. What’s with all the burgers? Does he eat nothing but burgers? Is that something I’m supposed to know?

  4. Aaron, you’re just embarassing to not get the legend of I hope you understood that Borat wasn’t real either. Go find yourself a good burger, and do some Beltway observing already.

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