Nice Etiquette

At work yesterday, on my way up to the 6th floor, the elevator stopped at the 4th floor. A man got in, pressed the button for 5. He was not carrying anything, and appeared to be in good health. As we got in, he apologetically said to me, “Don’t let me take your time.”

I don’t think I had a choice.

5 thoughts on “Nice Etiquette”

  1. Nice. How about this one — you get on at the 1st floor bound for the 8th. A guy gets on the 2nd floor, pushes 6, says “Whoops”, and then pushes 5. So the guy gets off at 5, and then you have to wait to stop at 6 before going to 8. This one has happened to me recently — slightly more annoying than yours, perhaps, although the “Don’t let me take your time” comment makes it close.

  2. That is really annoying. What’s even worse is when it stops at 6, there’ll be someone waiting for the down elevator, so you just have to sit there for a good three seconds looking at this person, trying to silently communicate that it isn’t your fault, someone else did this to you, you’re really not an idiot.

    I also like my little IQ Test.

  3. Was he fat?
    I have noticed that the fat people will use the elevator to go up one flight- and ,to change the subject,who buys dessert in restaurants. A graph of % of diners buying dessert on one axis and their degree of obesity would be quite interesting. See what discussion can be generated by a slovenly,lazy ,fat male(female) using the elevator to go one flight? And to carry the discussion further this lazy obese male (female) is polluting the earth – please,when this happens again, inform said person of their inadequatices.

  4. Controversial stuff Mg! He was not fat. Based on my incredibly unscientific samples, skinnies are just as bad as fatties. I think that fatter people may just be too embarassed, because they know everyone will making the connection you just did.

    Sadly, I will not be informing anyone of their inadequacies as I intend to keep my current job. Not all of us can run our own business, I got accountability.

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