You Know What Happens When You Assume?

You’re usually right, that’s what happens.

Assuming is usually correct. You save a lot of time and energy and keep yourself from looking like an idiot. If you go more than ten minutes without assuming something, you have severe brain damage. That’s what separates you from an infant, you’ve been in the world long enough to make good assumptions.

Also, there’s no “we” in team. Unless you turn the M upside-down.
Letter W

4 thoughts on “You Know What Happens When You Assume?”

  1. Also, I was really looking for a picture of the M/W from the Sesame Street episode where the police are looking for the letter M. They can’t find it, because the dastardly villain has hidden in plain sight, disguised as (wait for it…) the letter “W”! The cad!

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