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Start with a map of the world thousands of years ago. In 90 seconds of animation, watch the spread of the major religions sweep over the world. Very neat, and educational to boot.

Great video on China, Youth, MySpace, Information, Technology and other trends, all of which seem to be moving a lot faster than you would think. Some sketchy extrapolations, but well worth it.

The Worst April Fools Day pranks ever. Number one and two are just sickening. (The best ones are here.)

You may have heard about the FBI’s abuse of NSL (National Security Letters). Here’s a fascinating first hand account from a recipient. The Washington Post doesn’t usually post anonymous op-eds, but in this case, they had no choice thanks to the crazy laws.

Postmodernism Generator. Everytime you go here, you get a brand new paper on postmodernism. The catch is that it is all total gibberish, but indistinguishable from actual postmodern gibberish. (If you doubt they are indistinguishable, read more.)

“I was turned on the other day to the fact that Time Magazine’s Tony Karon has a blog about foreign affairs, Rootless Cosmopolitan. It’s really good. Good enough that a ten day old post on the subject “What’s Iraq Actually About Now?” is very much worth your time. It’s an excellent question to ponder when you hear debate about whether or not the surge is “working” — working to do what? And why?”

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