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One of the world’s greatest violinsts plays the world’s greatest music on a priceless Stradavarius at the subway station to see what happens, maybe earn a few bucks. Guess how he does? (And some interesting Q&A on it)

You might just cry watching this. Even the newsanchor introducing the story did.

The strangest prison I’ve ever heard of. Go through the photo tour.

A simple graph that says it all – CEO Pay, the stock market, profits, worker pay, trended over the last 15 years.

Does Today Suck? Find out! Oddly addictive.

If this doesn’t make you cry actual tears, there is something wrong with you. The 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography.

One thought on “Links o’ Interest”

  1. Hard to be the father of a young son (or two) and not cry over that story. Jeez, I’m getting emotional as I get older…

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