The GOP Suffers Under the Peace Dividend

Why is the GOP pessimistic about 2008?

And Katon Dawson, the party chairman in South Carolina, expressed confidence that the party would recover from any internal damage it suffered as its candidates took shots at each other.

“We don’t do well until we have a common enemy,” Mr. Dawson said. “Right now, our enemy is ourselves.”

This is the way the modern conservative movement defines itself. Mr. Dawson, a state party chairman, can only think about the party and strategy in terms of enemies. Enemies all around, which one should we pick!? We don’t know how to do anything except fight! I sure hope there’s some enemies around, we’re in trouble if things are going well.

Here’s a thought: Spend some time thinking about policies. Thinking about people. Thinking about the war, the deficit and the economy, the politicization of non-partisan government agencies, etc. If you come up with some good ideas that people like, maybe they’ll, you know, vote for you. Just a thought.

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