The Nigerian Scam, Pop America Version

Some recent spam I got:

…I am a friend and attorney to the family of the oil tycoon Mr James Howard Marshall 2 before his death; he made an investment here that I was later instructed to prepare a will on the investment for his son Everett Pierce Marshall3 shortly after they settled their differences…Meanwhile this will was prepared in my chambers by me with all copies in my possession.

I was supposed to hand over the will documents to the son Mr Everett Pierce Marshall3 at the end February 2007, the maturity date of the investment. But unfortunately Mr Everett Pierce Marshall3 the son did not make it to February 2006. He died a sudden death on June 20th 2006 trying to stop Anne Nicole Smith his father last wife from claiming the $475million that was initially awarded to her that was later over turned by the federal court in California.

Now there is a need for me to prepare a new will to claim the investment funds here since nobody would ever come for it, than to loose the money to the bank. You should let me know how much percentage you would like to get to enable us work together as partners, all I need is honesty. I will eventually let you into the amount of the investment if we both agree on mutual terms. [etc, etc…]

I just love it. Con men watch the news. When life gives you Anna Nicole Smith, then make Nigerian-scam-ade.

One thought on “The Nigerian Scam, Pop America Version”

  1. the letter is so poorly written that I almost can’t follow it. God bless the Nigerian school systems!

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