Links o’ Interest

Menino for President!
(Funny if you’re from Boston)

Karate Monkey! Not a joke, a real monkey doing karate!

25 Reasons Why I am No Longer a Christian. Written by an obviously extremely bright person. Well reasoned and sourced. I particularly liked #4 and #12. Many of the arguments apply to other religions as well.

Rate your blog (or website) like the movies do. Muttroxia is rated a family-friendly G! I really thought the Al Gore post would move me up…

The prettiest girl in Warsaw. Another comic graphic novel thingie. It’s short.

Police brutality backfires. Cops attack man on soccer field, and disgusted fans and players retaliate, beating the police.

Take a trip through the time machine. A 1982 article where the writer uses a computer for the first time. 48K of memory, and you get this “It is faster to type this way than with a normal typewriter, because you don’t need to stop at the end of the line for a carriage return (the computer automatically “wraps” the words onto the next line when you reach the right-hand margin), and you never come to the end of the page, because the material on the screen keeps sliding up to make room for each new line.”

For no real reason, Alec Baldwin’s career making speech in Glengarry Glen Ross.

The Worlds Tallest man meets World’s Shortest Man, oddly enough both from Inner Mongolia.

I can’t help but think of Seinfeld.

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