Embarrassing Songs on my Playlist

Inspired by the deluded ravings in the comments of my last post, I present a list of the most embarrassing songs currently residing on my playlist (out of 1,948 songs). They fall mostly into wuss artists, pure 80s music, and music that makes me feel far too emotional. (Some of these I’m not the least bit embarrassed about, but my readers might think I should be.)

Barbara Streisand – The Music of the Night
Berlin – Take my Breath Away
Billy Joel – She’s Always a Woman
Bob Seger – We’ve got Tonight. Who needs tomorrow!?
Chicago – Colour my World. Wish we’d had this for our wedding song.
Def Leppard – Bringin’ on the Hearbreak. Can’t you see?
Hall & Oates – I have four songs, and I like them all. Fooey on you.
Huey Lewis & the News – Do You Believe in Love?
John Denver
Journey – Send Her my Love and Separate Ways. (Stone in Love doesn’t count as embarrassing, that mother rocks.)
Linda Rondstadt – You’re no Good. When our band did it, I realized what a great tune it really is, pre-Van Halen.
Loverboy – Workin’ for the Weekend
Mazzy Star – Fade into You (Apparently embarrassing. Fuck all y’all.)
Michael Jackson (& Paul McCartney) – The Girl is Mine. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I’m not embarrassed about Billy Jean or Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’
The Motels – Only the Lonely
Natalie Imbruglia – Torn
Pat Benatar – Shadows of the Night
Paula Abdul – Rush Rush. This is the one I get called out on. I love this song, play it six times in a row, sing along to every word, and I don’t care.
Styx – All of Paradise Theater. Every last stinkin’ song.
The Eagles – One of these Nights. I hate every Eagles song except this one, which is odd since it has wuss written all over it.

10 thoughts on “Embarrassing Songs on my Playlist”

  1. So Michael was right in his comment from a few postings ago — you are outed as a Hall & Oates closet fan! I must ask what 4 you have though? Are we talking Out of Touch, or are we stooping to Private Eyes? I know you’ve always had a soft spot for the underrated Oates.

    Some Journey songs but no Feeling That Way??

    Good call on You’re No Good. No It’s so Easy?

    The Girl is Mine? This certainly qualifies as the most embarrassing of them all. I’m a lover not a fighter!

    Oh wait … I didn’t see Rush Rush…

    Good posting, Muttrox. You want to get more embarrassing — talk about your most embarrassing 45s you had as a kid. Convoy tops my list. Certainly fitting that I use this acronym as my name for this posting.

  2. I have all of these (except Streisand, Chicago and Abdul). Also – I have a ton of Eagles – all of it rocks except the new reunion stuff they released. One of the Nights is totally groovy.

    Most embarassing one I have is probably the theme song from the Rockford Files. But it totally rocks man! Who here doesn’t love James Garner?

  3. Moleboy:

    I’m guessing you’ve seen Journey, Billy Joel, and Huey Lewis. Was I close?

    First off, I almost didn’t get the pseudonym. Man, you’re digging deep!
    For Hall & Oates I have are I Can’t go For That (No Can Do), Maneaater, One on One, and Say it Isn’t So.. I do own Feeling That Way, but never burnt that disc. Just slipped through.

    LilBro: Hey, it’s in my blood. The girl can sing. I was hoping for her version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow which I love.

    Geaster: I hate the Eagles. They’re like a Dilbert Committee joke. A lot of talented musicians, and the sum is far less than the parts. Joe Walsh rocks. Don Henley is good. I love Don Felder’s guitar work, he’s incredibly underrated (he’s the one who wrote all of Hotel California). Glen Frey is not so bad. But put them together and it’s pussy song after pussy songs. Hotel California is good, I like One of These Nights, there’s not a single other one of their songs I can even stand to listen to. Yuch!

    Challenge back to y’all: What are your most embarrassing songs? I came clean, it’s your turn.

  4. CLOSE!
    Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, and Def Leppard.

    My most embarassing songs? Alas, I went deaf in one ear about 2 years ago so music sort of faded out of my life. I still listen to the radio, but headphones are useless to me, so my iPod sits and gathers dust.

    BTW, thought you would find this intersting:

  5. I was sure I had the Journey right.

    Brian May is amazing. I linked a while ago to his Astrophysics blog on the New York Times. Interestingly, Queen had 3 PhDs and one college grad I believe. They must be the most highly-educated major band ever.

  6. Muttrox,

    You so crazy. How about Already Gone? How about Life in the Fast Lane? How about the Long Run? How about Desperado? Tequila Sunrise? Witchy Woman? C’mon – give the Eagles a little bit of credit…..


  7. Geaster – My ratings on those are (in order): Crap, pablum, dreck, o god turn the channel quickly, tripe, and an utter disgrace.

    Life in the Fast Lane gets a special mention — it’s a great riff, a great structure and somehow they make it awful.

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