So Bush commuted Libby’s prison sentence. What a surprise.

Libby isn’t the worst of the Bushies, not by a long shot. By their scale of corruption and incompetence, he’s just a relatively minor team player, just someone who’s good at implementing other peoples plans. Which is what he did. Cheney or Rove or both wanted Wilson smeared, and he helped do it. And he protected his bosses when the law came around. Cheney or Rove or both are free from trouble now because Libby subverted justice. Libby deserves his sentence. Others deserve more, but thanks to Libby, they get off free and easy.

So what does this say about Bush? A man who never pardoned one person in Texas, never showed the least curiousity about any case, accepting Gonzales’ word for every single case, laughed at the widows, has no problem locking up any citizen of the country with no legal recourse at all, has subverted virtually every legal protection in the Constitution, has never served time for any of his own known crimes, never thought his daughters should be punished for theirs, never pardoned or commuted the sentences of anyone during his years as president — but this, for this he will be glad to step in personally. After all, this is one of his own!

Actions speak louder than words, and these actions shout out what a miserable corrupt syncophantic petty meanhearted little selfish man George Bush is.