Offensive Marketing

I seem to be on a roll with advertising commentary lately… How about this one for offensiveness? This is a full page ad in the local alternative paper, for this classy joint.


(If you don’t know what MILF means, look it up.)

2 thoughts on “Offensive Marketing”

  1. All I know is – based on the picture alone – I would at least read the ad…..and I’m not even the target market. Actually, if they were marketing MILF’s, the ad would be perfect.

    Face it – we’re still just (somewhat) hairless apes.

  2. 1. I think that its more than a little funny that MILF has become part of common parlance.

    2. I’m actually more concerned with the promise than the goal. Yay MILFs, Boo any process that can lose you 6-10″ in an hour. Its either a lie or horrific.

    3. Have you been reading about Alli? The literature on it, as well as stuff posted by users, is frickin’ hilarious at times.

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