Does This Work?

I had never really thought about it. But then I did. On this exit, the Perimeter Mall Food Court paid good money to announce their existence to tens of thousands of commuters every day. But who is biting?


“Sandy, we’ve been driving for six hours, time for a break. I’m sick of all the decent places we eat. Let’s take the kids to some absolute fast food pit. Preferably at a mall that takes thirty minutes to park your car, yeah some kind of — hey, look at that sign! There’s a food court! Let’s take this exit!”

“Darn it! I was supposed to meet Willy at the Food Court, and I can’t find it. Where do you suppose it could — hey, look at that sign! There it is!”

I wonder if they’ve ever really converted anyone due to that marketing. Oh, and the restaurant in the lower left panel is right next to the food court, so they already get spillover traffic from that.

On the other hand, my wife thinks it’s really weird that McKendricks, a high-end steak house is up there also. “Boy, I could sure use a bite. Hey, look at that sign! Want to blow $150 on dinner?” True, but they only need to convert a few people to make their money back, the Food Court has to move an awful lot of popcorn chicken to get some ROI.

My wife also thinks it’s weird that I took the picture while driving. How else was I going to?

Boston Sports: Back Again

Suddenly, I’m excited about sports again. This is the worst part of the year for me. No football. No basketball. Only baseball, a borderline sport at best.

But what’s this? The dynastical Patriots loading up on talent? Clearly strong contenders for the Super Bowl, o yez.

And what’s this? The Celtics suddenly have Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett — let me repeat that Kevin Garnett!? Suddenly contenders to win it all.

Oh, I can’t wait for real sports to begin again!