Simply the best thing ever. I could write a whole ‘nuther post about that. A good friend did a whole Toastmasters speech about how amazing it was, and I am in complete agreement. Anyhow, I just splurged on the TiVo® Series3â„¢ HD DVR, their top of the line product.

And after 15 minutes of setup, the first ever image on my HD TiVo? David Spade. In Rules of Engagment.


2 thoughts on “TiVo”

  1. I could not agree with you more. Years ago, I bought my first Tivo because we were going to…France? I think (or mexico)…for a couple weeks and we didn’t want to miss the Buffy musical.
    I set it up (which took only a few minutes) and then selected a gazillion shows for it to record.
    We left.
    We returned.
    It had worked perfectly.
    It may, in fact, be the only product I’ve ever had to work so well out of the box.
    A year and a half ago I bought a new Tivo, and then, when we got the new TV, we got the HD Tivo (which cost MUCH more than it does now).
    We had to use the comcast DVR and that is a piece of shit.
    The Tivo has a fantastic interface and does some nice, subtle things (like the little noise when you hit a button) to make it very user friendly.
    It ain’t TV without Tivo.

    Funny story: One day, I’m watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of my cat doing something interesting (like a bizarre triple jump or some such). But I only caught a hint of it.
    I shit you not.
    I reached for the Tivo remote.

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