I Can’t Wait for my Midlife Crisis

I can’t wait for my midlife crisis. I have a pretty conventional life. I want a motorcycle, the wife has firmly vetoed it. I’ve always wanted a Corvette, but instead we have 529 funds. Our big expense this year was a minivan.

If I’m having a midlife crisis, that’s my excuse to get all the cool stuff I want. Everyone knows that a midlife crisis makes people do crazy things. You don’t know what I could do. I could go wander Australia for six months. I could find me some hot young blonde mistress. When you look at it that way — building a recording studio in the basement, getting a sports car, entering the World Series of Poker — that doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Or at least that’s how I’m going to spin it to the wife.

What’s the earliest you can have a midlife crisis?

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