As the Patriots Decimate Another Luckless Opponent

I went to bed with a few minutes left. We had been up by 46 points for a while. Apparently, a 45 point margin is when Belichick decided to lay back a little. The backup quarterback was put in, and they switched from almost exclusively passing to running virtually every play to run the clock out faster. It’s good to see that there is a point at which the Patriots put the guns away.

They are just awe-inspiring. Of our 10 wins, I’m guessing at least five have come against teams that everyone thought was good until they played us. Let’s see, the Jets, the Chargers, Cincinnati, the Redskins, the Bills. I don’t include Dallas or Indianapolis, both of which at least put up a good fight. These are teams that are touted as being strong, as having a shot to upset the Patriots, and then one after another they are humiliated. Just incredible.

Expensive Cars

I was at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week. While looking at some of the Lambroghinis and such, I had a fun conversation with a collegue about car prices. That led to this question.

How much money would you have to have before you would buy a car for $1,500,000? How about a $300,000 car?

How about it, what would it take for you?

Other random thoughts:
* Kia’s motto was “The Power to Surprise”. Let me tell you something, when I buy a new car the absolute last thing I want is a surprise.
* BMW has just launched their Series 1 car, aka the One. It stinks. I sat in it, and wanted to get right out. How do designers make an $80,000 car that doesn’t even feel nice to sit in?
* I still lust for a Maybach.

See Pat. See Pat Win. See Peyt. See Peyt Lose.

Random thoughts:

* That was a great game. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was nice to watch it with some Colts fans, it added some spice. It made it extra sweet when we won.
* What was going on with the Patriots tackling in the first half? We looked like a bunch of college players out there.
* Those pass interference calls were complete bull. Two defensive ones that never happened, and an offensive one for bonus. Just crazy. That’s why you play for homefield, your odds of getting friendly reffing are much better on your own turf.
* Joseph Addai is the real deal. Last season, I didn’t give him credit. He was running behind a great line, and defenses were overplaying the pass, I felt like I could have run for a few hundred yards. I’ve changed my tune, he’s a great runner.
* Belichick said that they changed their strategy after three quarters. Slowing down the game wasn’t working, so they turned it into a shootout. That appears to mean, throw it to Randy Moss every play and see what happens.
* “Our goal is to win the AFC East,” Brady said. “Being 9-0, hey, I’m as happy as anybody. But it doesn’t mean anything. Our goal isn’t to be 9-0, I promise you.” I suppose I get this viewpoint. You win the division to get the best seeding for the playoffs. It’s good mental discipline to not let yourself think too far ahead, and you don’t want the press writing how you disrespect the rest of the league. But c’mon. C’mon. I think it’s OK to look just a little bit past winning the AFC East. Right now, the Pats are 9-0. The Bills are 4-4. The East is already done my friend, already done. Shove some croutons in its rear and serve it for Thanksgiving.

Oh, by the way, the Celtics are 2-0.

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