Movie Review: Enchanted

Yesterday was the boy’s 5th birthday, so we took him to the movies for a treat. He had already seen the few kids movies that were out, so we went a bit more adult and feminine and saw Enchanted. He hated it.
enchanted picture

But we loved it! It’s a load of fun and very clever. My last post was about a book that’s looking in the psych of comic characters. A bit of “what if they were real?”. This movie is definitely the same kind of thing, but for fairy tale Disney characters, what if they were real? Both of them do a great job of exploring a lot of the issues.

At any rate, if you have young children, bring them to see Enchanted. They might not like it, but you will.

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  1. I took my two boys to see this on opening weekend — not because we were eagerly anticipating it, but just because that happened to be a weekend we wanted to watch a movie, and Bee Movie got such bad reviews. So we went. I was really worried when all the families in the theater had at least one girl — it clearly appealed to girls. I was hoping the boys didn’t notice, or else it would have been the kiss of death to the movie. However, the boys were generally engaged through the movie, but didn’t react to it like Alvin & The Chipmunks, which they liked a lot more. I agree that it was a pretty clever movie though.

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