Nice Brains, Gia.

In an article about consumer spending dropping:

Gia Trumpler, 37, a travel consultant who lives in Manhattan, shops at luxury chains like Saks. But she is trimming costs where she can by bringing lunch to work from home, rather than eating out.

I’d guess it takes about 50 lunches made from home to make up for one trip to Saks. If Gia wants to make herself miserable that’s her business. But why be stupid and miserable, isn’t stupid enough?

Activist Judges

A judge ruled that MSNBC must let Dennis Kucinich in to their debate.

I’m somewhat offended that a legitimate candidate was invited to a debate and then uninvited under circumstances that appear to be that they just decided to exclude him, the judge said.

I think it’s pretty rotten of MSNBC also. I think it is only fair that Dennis Kucinich gets a chance to participate. I think a debate should have a wide range of voices and opinions.

But – I don’t see any reason that MSNBC has to play fair. They own the network, they get to make their rules. Where does this guy get off telling them how to run their network? If they “just decided to exclude him”, what business is it of his?

Early Update: One of my favorite bloggers tears me a new one.

Later Update: The judges ruling is overturned. Free speech, or some such garbage.

Thoughts after 17-0

* Moss: Where the heck was Moss? He caught one pass for 14 yards, I don’t even remember it. Why aren’t we throwing to Randy Moss? And how can that not even be mentioned by anyone. Is he being single-covered, double-covered, what’s the story here? Could we have one camera show him on a play at some point, maybe have Phil Simms mention something?

* Jacksonville’s a good team. If they had just a little bit more talent… but they don’t.

* Rodney Harrison: This guy is driving me crazy. The last few games he’s been tagged with unsportsmanlike fouls that have had a big impact. We could have easily lost the Giants game because he can’t calm down just a little. On the other hand, he’s come up with huge interceptions in all these games. He’s driving me crazy!

* Defense: Looked very shaky. If you let Jacksonville score 20 on you, the Colts are going to paste a lot more. We’d better step it up.

* Go Chargers!

After New Hampshire

Hillary: Glad to see the media got it wrong, but I’m not sure why. Oh wait, it’s because I hate almost all political coverage and think 80% of commentators and editors should be fired. At least it will be a couple weeks less of stories about Hillary the robot. My Mom voted for Richardson – oh, those quirky New Hampshirites! Don’t they know they can only vote for Obama or Hilary – or maybe Edwards if they’ve had a few first.

McCain: I don’t like McCain much anymore (see here for my thoughts from three years ago), but he’s a million times better than Huckabee. McCain is a “reasonable people can disagree” candidate. I disagree with most of his positions, and I’m sad at how he sold his soul the last four years, but he’s basically smart, intelligent, moral man, which is more than you can say about everyone else except Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

After Iowa

Congratulations Obama! Not only did Obama win, but he did in convincing fashion, and did it by organizing better and bringing out new people, widening the tent. That’s a great sign for him and the Democrats in general. Many have said it, and I agree, it’s fantastic that a guy who wouldn’t been allowed on the bus a couple generations back is the early leader for President of the USA. It’s a tribute to our country. Jon Swift says it funnier.

The other big winners were white voters and white members of the party establishment. By voting for Barack Obama, they were able to prove that they are not racist. The fact that Obama is young, charismatic, inspiring, a mesmerizing speaker, has fresh ideas and appeals across the partisan divide will make no difference in the general election where it is a well-known fact that the American people will be afraid to vote for a black man with a funny name who is inexperienced and might secretly be a Muslim. By letting him win this one, and giving us a historic moment that we can tell our grandchildren about, we can all feel better about ourselves.

Huckabee: I have two conflicting views. One is that, this guy would be a terrible president. The GOP only has two candidates who are even tolerable, Romney and McCain. The rest of them are dreadful. (I love Ron Paul, and I’m glad he’s in the race, but deep down I don’t want him for president.) So I’m sad that such a terrible guy has the early lead. On the other hand Huckabee is not only a bad candidate on the merits, he’ll be easy to destroy. Any of the Dems can take him. So I’m glad that the GOP might end up with a candidate who is more likely to lose the general election.

Giuliani: Swear to god, this was his reaction to his pathetic showing, “”None of this worries me – Sept. 11, there were times I was worried,” The man is a cartoon.

Media and Framing: John Edwards came in second, narrowly beating Hillary. Saturday, the lead story was Hillary’s reaction. Page seven or so was Edwards. The lead editorial was about Hillary, no mention of Edwards. Why can’t the guy get any coverage?