The Economy

Our retirement accounts are down about $11,000 in the last few weeks. That’s a lot of lira. I’ve been surprised by our own reaction, we’re just not that worked up about it. We have a long term perspective, this too shall pass. And last spring, we put a large proportion of funds into money market and international funds.

I’m curious to know, what are my readers doing? Are you diversifying? Panicking? Not noticing at all? Selling financial stocks short? What’s your view on the overall economy, and what are you doing with your own pile to reflect that?

3 thoughts on “The Economy”

  1. more downside than upside in financial stocks. also, stay away from anything mortgage related….there’s more blood to lost….

  2. There will continue to be an erosion of stocks world-wide. If your time horizon is ten plus years and you have a strong stomach stay the course. For me cash is king now until the air clears
    Berkshire Hathaway originally recommend to me by my youngest son has done well and may be worth nibbling at.

  3. How do you stay away from anything mortgage related? That’s half the problem, no one even understands what they own.

    I am comforted by knowing that the economy is still basically sound, and the best time to buy stocks was 1933.

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