Cabin Pressure: Book Review

Cabin Pressure

Muttroxia gives a stamp of approval to Cabin Pressure: One Man’s Desperate Attempt to Recapture his Youth as a Camp Counselor. It’s a bit like Bill Bryson goes to camp. The odds are you know the author, Josh Wolk. Odds are good you went to high school with him. Odds are good you know he was funny then, and he’s funnier now. It’s the kind of book you read with a small grin on your face that every so often erupts into an actual guffaw. Turns out it’s funny. Funny, that is.

It is very strange to read something semi-autobiographical about someone you knew growing up. I wasn’t good friends with Josh, but we were on each others lists of good people. At least I hope I was on his list. And I also went to camp right on that lake. In fact, my brother is getting married there in two months.

Josh is the second author from my high school class with a recently published novel, Austin Grossman being the first. Oddly, they lived across the street from each other.

The story has legs. The movie version has already been optioned. Josh also has a blog, and it is also funny. But he updates it even less than I do. I win!

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  1. Additional weirdnesses – Josh and I were born two days apart, and our books were published on exactly the same day. I also went to that same summer camp, come to think of it.

    Also for the record I personally liked the ending of Codex.

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