Poker Update #4

Some good news and bad news.

Good: I went in determined to play position. I did. When I had position, I used it to bully people into folding. When I was out of position, I didn’t go in with marginal hands. I bet out of position just enough to keep people honest. I showed good discipline.

Bad: Two fatal misreads. The first one was unremarkable. I thought I had someone’s body language figured out and I was wrong. In the second one, I had around 2,300, big blind is 200. I get K-K. I bet 500, I get two callers. The flop is A-x-x. Any ace kills me, otherwise I win. Neither of the two players bet. Neither of them are players who slowplay. I push in 800. One folds, one calls. The turn is another garbage card. This time the other player puts me all in. I don’t think he just got a set or anything like that, there are no straight or flushes out there. He either has the ace or he doesn’t. We have eight players, the odds are good that another ace got dealt. But why no betting? Is he scared that I also have an ace with a higher kicker? If so, then why put me all in? Did he get a second pair with that garbage card? You can see where this is going. I can’t get away from those beautiful kings. I finally call, he has the ace and takes most of my money.

My final stand: I somehow struggle back from the edge of ruin to a fair-sized stack. I get dealt Qc-10c in the big blind. I check the option, three players are in. The flop is Kc-Jd-5c. Both players go all in. At this point, I am definitely far far behind, but folding is the wrong play. I’m getting 2-1 on my money, not even including all the money in the pot so far. I have four to a straight and four to a flush (any Ace, nine, or club.) That’s a lot of outs. And if any of those come up I’ve almost certainly won. I suspect (correctly) that both my opponents have a King or Jack pairing the board. I call. I don’t get my outs and the pair of Jacks take the pot. I can’t complain about that hand, it was still the right play.

Classic poker outing. Many good plays, but two bad reads threw it all away.

Tonight: -$40
Total: -$46

3 thoughts on “Poker Update #4”

  1. 2-1. But was the odds of you hitting the A,9,club better than 2-1. Let’s say 8 outs (max) for the A/9, and then depending on how many clubs already out, add those outs, divided by 52. Borderline call.

    On your pair of K’s…you didn’t mention anything about the player who put you all in…is he aggressive, tight, etc. I don’t think you can call on that unless you know he is super aggressive.

    I had my poker night last night, and won again (3x in a row) and 5 out of 8 games. I’m ready to rumble with you Muttrox at the felt!

  2. Remember the 2-1 was just on that round of betting. The true odds were more like 6-1. 4 Aces, 4 9s, 7 non-Ace-9 clubs = 15 outs out of 47 remaining cards = 32%, right? And I have two shots at it, so that’s 54%. Hmm, I guess I was playing even better than I thought.

    The player: I don’t think much of him. His betting style is sit out every hand for two hours, even with premium hands. By then he is small stack, goes all in with a marginal hand and gets knocked out. On the other hand, he beat but my good, he was the opponent in both those hands.

    I would love to do some poker with you, Daniel!

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