Well, that didn’t go like planned. I guess we need to steal one. I am optimistic we will.

A few notes after watching every playoff game:

* Perkins picks up dumb fouls. After a switch, he will often find himself on a guard. He’ll try for a steal as they blow past him, and pick up a foul. You’re a center, don’t try to be quicker than a guard!
* Rondo has got to shoot. Every commentator has been saying this throughout the playoffs. It is absolutely killing our offense that he doesn’t need to be guarded. It was understandable against Cleveland. After getting blocked by Ilguaskus and Wallace a dozen times it’s no wonder he didn’t want to penetrate. But his is not Cleveland. Rondo can penetrate and finish the play himself. Instead he looks scared to get near any defender.
* Allen has been an obvious liability. I hope he has finally found his shot again and last night was the comeback. Sadly, he was one of the reasons we lost last night. Hamilton would come around multiple screens and Allen could not keep up. Hamilton was wide open, allowing him to shoot drive or pass easily. C’mon Ray, keep up!
* What happened to my Leon Powe? True, his team defense needs work. But this is a guy who good thing always seemed to happen around. Quick steals, cheap rebounds, drawing charges… what happened to all that?
* Garnett is amazing. I do not hold it against him that he does not have a higher level. He doesn’t have a higher level because he is always playing at 100%. I wish he was more aggressive, but it seems childish to demand that he be something he isn’t. It’s enough that he’s a very very good player, he doesn’t have to be legendary.
* I’ve always loved Pierce. I hate the commentators talking about he just discovered defense. He has always been a great defensive player. But what’s the point when you’re playing with a bunch of scrubs? I suspect that as much as Garnett brought the defensive attitude, Pierce was the first to buy into it.
* I am sick of Big Baby Davis. He looks worse every game. Every move he makes seems lacking in technique. He’s always a half-second slow, two inches short, slightly out of position, etc. If he would quit playing like a spaz and settle down, he could be very good.

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