Links o’ Interest


The dumbest human being in the entire world.

Kobe Byrant jumps over an Aston-Martin.

ABC does the Lincoln-Douglas debates

A collection of funny graffiti.

It’s the 30th anniversary of spam (the technology kind). Here is the first spam ever.

Dissapearing Rabbit Trick (amazing pic)

Dumb protester Here’s another.

Chickipedia. Fun for men.

Fun with auto-looping, Reggie Watts does a sort of Bobbi McFerrin thing

Now that is a great website intro.

A ten-year old’s letters to serial killers. Answered.

The best (worst) weathermen names.

The mentos-mint world record is broken.

Everything is made in China. Even “Free Tibet” flags.

Teenage hijinx in Saudi Arabia

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