More Media Absurdity

You may have seen some coverage of Clinton’s enormous “gaffe” regarding Bobby Kennedy. Oh, it was so outrageous. Oh, it was so tasteless. Oh, it just shows what an uncaring manipulative crone she is!

Watch the actual video.

So, what exactly is the problem? She is clearly referring to the fact that Kennedy was still campaigning in June. There is no judgment made about the assasination, just stating the facts.

It doesn’t matter anymore, she’s done and done, but it is yet one more example of the bull she has had to put up with the whole campaign. McCain can say that he directed Oceans 11 and no one will blink an eye. If Hilary mentions that she likes cereal for breakfast, the media will find a reason to rake her over the coals for it.

Update: Just found this – Krugman nailing it as usual, Andrew Sullivan having a psychopathic hissy fit as usual.

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