Political Links o’ Interest

This might be the dumbest editorial I’ve ever read. An astounding display of sheer stupidity. I was looking forward to reading Caplan’s book, now I’m not sure I’ll bother. Read it and behold the stupidity.

Bert & Ernie discuss the primary.

Another brilliant mashup on the end of Hillary’s campaign.

The complete Democratic Primary, in 7 minutes.

Monty Pythons’ Dead Parrot sketch, for the Clinton campaign.

A Tale of Three Lawyers: Read about Matthew Diaz, this years winner of the Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling.

Political dorks unite! Fantasy Congress is here!

Ronald Reagan’s losing battle with Alzhiemers. The last paragraph was particularly sad.

The 5 most badass presidents of all time.

William Buckley on Laugh-In. I had no idea he was so witty. You can also the predecessor to Fred Admunsen’s “Nicholas Fein political comic” schtick.

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