Links o’ Interest

Illustrated guide to the police for children (read the text)

Every Simpsons Couch gag, in one continuous video A brilliant parody site. Yes, it’s a parody.

Fetish chart. Something is more than a little wrong with the mind that made this.

On the Implausibility of the Death Star’s Trash Compactor.

Dear 19 year old neighbor kid whom I’m paying eight bucks an hour to dig trenches:

Mr. Right is here ladies!

A inside account of the rules of baseball fighting

Blind obedience

Time to rethink the company logo

A compilation of Reagan’s wit. Give him his due, that’s a funny guy.

Chris Matthews destroys, just destroys, a right-wing gasbag.

How did Obama get all the money? This article examines this under-reported aspect of his success.

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