Links o’ Interest

Pikachu, I choose yo… oh GOD NO

Jon Arbuckle lays down the law with Garfield

Great motivational(?) posters

Iggy Pop’s concert rider. Hilarious.

Famous pictures done as Legos.
Tiananmen Square
is my favorite.

Old people (ex-movie folks) review movies. This isn’t comedy, it’s just good reviews.
Update: They aren’t just any two geezers.

The best review of the worst book

A Fathers Day Prayer.
Very funny.

A bit out of date, but a clever parody of Hillary think: Joe Dumars on the Celtics series.

How Traffic Laws make the roads less safe. I’ve been thinking this for a while, good to see it written up.

Michael Lewis on Vasectomies

Birthrates and war

The worlds biggest drawing (more detail here)

Ten great Flash animations

Paul Graham on cities.
As a big Cambridge fan, I really enjoyed this. I knew there was a reason I liked to go to Harvard Square and just hang out.

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  1. Muttrox- did you ever play the chestmaster in Cambridge? Great training grounds there for chess…

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