Links o’ Interest

It’s a monster edition! Arranged more or less in order from funny to serious:

Notorious Hitler back in ’34.

Makin’ music with John Mayer

Top 10 Amazon Bible Reviews

Requiem for a Day Off

I really like this guy. Fighting the HOA and parking boots in a clever way

What’s on MTV these days?

We have clues – he’s red, fat and says “Oh yeah”

A Movie Review Alternative to The Happening. My kind of review.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: The Abridged Script

My kind of greeting cards. Move over Blue Mountain.

Tiny things I hate .com

Boston responds to the Celtics win

Pick you own headline for this lunacy

Big Lebowski action figures

Warner Herzog eats his shoe.

Charles Barkley gets pwned.

Inside GM and making the Volt.

Balancing 17 dominos on 1 domino

Win a car in the lottery. TV station does a piece, asks you to reenact it. Guess what happens?
Really, this is the only valid reaction.

How Science can get distorted by liberals.

The Economics of Bling (conspicuous consumption)

The Economics of babysitting.

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