Poker Update

I gave up on updates. Why? Because ever since I started blogging I’ve lost horribly. Last summer, I won more games than I can count. My Wednesday game is still scared out of their wits of me. In my first seven outings I won something like 5 games, 2nd place once, and once out of the money. As soon as I show up, they joke the game is over and get mad when I sit to their left. You, my dear readers, know that I haven’t done anything to be proud of in months and months. It’s been humiliating to get into a big losing streak just I start blogging the details of it. I just couldn’t sit down at the keyboard on another late Wednesday night to write about how I screwed up or got screwed yet again.

Two weeks ago was the kicker. In the second hand of the night, I had K-J suited. I raise, I have one taker. The guy who called me is terrible. He never bluffs, and rarely raises. He doesn’t even try to hide his expression while he looks at his cards. I couldn’t ask for a better opponent. The flop is J-10-9. I raise again. He thinks about it and grudgingly calls. I can’t even write the rest of the hand. It has never been so obvious to me that I had the best hand. I had the aggression, I had the cards, I had the read. Long story short, I bet almost everything. I had read him perfectly, and he caught another 10 on the river, giving him trips and leaving me short stacked. I was first out. The next week was no bad beats, just no cards and nothing happening, another early exit.

Tonight looked like more of the same. In the first hour, I got Q-Q (no one called my raise), K-K (had to fold when an Ace came up, was the right play), 6-6 (got the 3rd six, but no one called me), A-J, A-Q, K-10… just ridiculously good cards. I wasn’t raising much, but it didn’t matter. No one else ever had cards good enough to play.

I got A-A. I was small blind, bet 300 (3x big blind). Big blind grudgingly calls. Flop is 6-8-10. Given how it’s gone so far, I slowplay check. She puts in 100, I call. The turn is 6. Time to muscle, I put in 500. After a lot of thought she calls. The river is nothing special. I bet 500. She calls. She caught her flush on the river. She says she would never played the hand out except she thought I was bluffing. This is depsite the fact I’ve shown all these amazing cards I’ve gotten (to build my rep) and she knows I rarely bluff against her. Argh. I wasn’t too mad at the situation. It was a terrible beat, but it was at least partially because of how I played it, and hey – that’s poker.

There I was short-stacked. Then my luck turned. Yes, I played fairly well tonight, but it was mostly luck. I went all in with A-10. He had A-J, I got my 10. It was a good sign.

Blinds have just gone to 250-500. I have a pair of 10s. I bet 1500, 3 callers. Flop is 3-5-7. Everyone checks. I want to force everyone off my pot! I put in 1500. Two of them stay with me, one of them is all in. I think the one who went all in has me beat. I figure the other one to have overcards. Turn is another 3. I put the other guy all-in. I don’t want to give his overcards a chance to pair up. But he doesn’t have much less, he’s forced to call. I figure I’m going to lose the big pot, and hopefully make a little something back on the small one. We flip up our cards. Yep, the overcards are A-K. The other guy has 7-7, giving him trips. In the middle of his war whoop the river gives me a third 10 for the win. Heh heh!

I go all in with K-J, she had A-J. I got my K. When we got to heads up, I went all in 2-2. She paired an overcard on the turn, I got a third 2 on the river. All in all I think I was on the lucky end of five or six bad beats.

The final hand I had 3-3. She called my all-in with big slick (A-K). She got three more aces on the board, now that is winning with style!

Man, I write a lot when it’s about good beats!

Tonight: $50
Overall: -$4

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