Olympics IX – Closing Ceremonies

Eh. Three weeks ago I might have been impressed. It was a pale shadow of the opening ceremonies. You can make a good case that the opening ceremonies were the biggest and best spectacle in all of human history. I suppose it’s hard to top that.

London looked pathetic next to Beijing. Wow, a bus! That sure is exciting! Jeepers, I sure hope there’s a 20-minute tribute to double-entry bookkeeping! And umbrellas!

After the Beijing spectacle, bringing out your celebrities, no matter how famous, seems a bit common. I love Jimmy Page. And there’s something fitting about having the biggest rock band guitarist ever play at the Olympics. And yet, it’s also random. Yes, why not throw David Beckham in there? I wonder if David Brent is free? Can we get a big statue of King George III? A tribute to the protestant reformation?

I mean, seriously. Whole Lotta Love at the Olympics? That’s just wrong.

I like the part where the athletes run wild. Not sure why. Honest human emotion always works. I understand why so many of them have cameras, but it takes away from the experience for us to see them snapping away like mad.

I give it an A on it’s on merits, a B- compared to the opening.