Olympics – The Unforgettable Moment

This is my favorite moment of the Olympics.

It’s women’s water polo. USA is ahead 12-11. China gets the ball with 8 seconds left. They do not score a point. They don’t even take a shot. They don’t even try take a shot. They do nothing.

Their coach mocks them. Openly mocks them. On international TV. This footage is priceless. We have watched it at least twice a day for laughs. Has there ever been another time where a coach has openly mocked his own team?

At any rate, here it is from YouTube — it doesn’t get the point across as well, but still. Never seen anything like it.

(Why the delay on this? I have been trying for a week to get the footage of my TiVo to my computer and make a video of it. I’ve been hamstrung because the raw footage is 17G, and I only have 8G free – so that took a little juggling. When I finally got it on my computer I found out that TiVo uses a propietary format that can’t be converted to a standardized format unless you upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus for $25. Not likely.)

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  1. There are free alternatives. I use TiVoDecode Manager on Mac OS X, I’m not sure what the equivalent is on the PC, but it is out there.

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