The New Muttroxmobile

My cover as a stereotypical yuppie grows ever deeper. Yesterday I got my first luxury car (entry-level, but give me a break). I’m the proud owner of the 2005 Acura TL below.


I’m starting to learn my way around the car buying thing. The last one I got the dealers to compete amongst themselves. For a new car that’s the winning strategy. It doesn’t work for used cars since they aren’t fungible. But I was finally able to use connections through work (thank you Geaster!) to get one from auction. Saved a couple thousand that way.

Ah, who cares. I got a new car. Goes fast, looks pretty. I just hope I can keep from getting pulled over for speeding before I get the official tags and insurance.

Anyone want to buy a used VW Passat? Very low mileage, but some child-related food stains that won’t come out and a nagging feeling that the whole thing is going to fall apart within a couple months…

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