Early Halloween Exit Poll Results

Kids don’t like Almond Joy. I agree with them.

Our mixed bag has Resse’s Snickers, M&Ms (chocolate and peanut butter), KitKats, Almond Joys, Butterfingers, Hersheys, Baby Ruths, and Crunch bars. It’s not even close.

5 thoughts on “Early Halloween Exit Poll Results”

  1. Among your choices:

    Top tier: Reese’s, M&Ms, Hersheys
    Medium tier: Snickers, Kit Kats, Butterfingers, Crunch
    Bottom tier: Baby Ruths and Almond Joys

    I always hated getting the Almond Joy as a kid. In our neighborhood, Reese’s rules. The kids are always psyched when we hand out the Reese’s.

  2. I mostly agree. But I’d drop Reese’s down (peanut butter is only so-so), and move up Kit Kats and Crunch. C’mon, Crunch bars are awesome!

  3. What’s amazing is just how good a plain Hershey bar can be. I hardly ever have one, except on Halloween. That’s good eatin’.

  4. I accidentaly bought a bag of Hershey’s Take Five bars this year. The red and yellow color scheme made me think I was getting 100-grand bars (which I don’t think exist anymore). Anyway – if you have never had one – leave your office/home/bed/car/whatever right now and go get some. Chocolate, caramel and pretzels in a candy bar…..delightful.

    Also – Almond Joys are just Mounts bars with a single almond on top. Rip the almond off and enjoy. Delightful. Unless you hate coconut in which case I can’t really help you.

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