Just Keep Thinking Long-Term

I check in on my financial accounts (bank accounts, retirement accounts, 529s) every month. We lost 20% in October. Brutal.

finance graph

4 thoughts on “Just Keep Thinking Long-Term”

  1. Is that chart at all accurate on a relative scale? Because it looks like a short time ago, you rose up about 30-40%! The markets are all run by paranoid schizophrenics, so what do you expect? Stability? Hah! lol

  2. It’s exactly accurate. There’s a strong seasonal component because of (1) work bonuses, and (2) we cash out a years worth of Mrs. Muttrox’s earnings at once. Mostly #2.

    But I think you’re referring a very special time in my financial life – early 2006 (each line is one year). That was when all my work options cashed in. One of the more amazing days of my life, to see my bank account sprout an extra digit. Sadly, it was a one-time event. The way options are structured I’ll never see a big payout like that again. I ain’t complaining, it’s more than I ever expected.

  3. It’s one thing if the portfolio goes down in value. It’s another when it goes down despite regular deposits of paychecks. Like the 401k statement — put in max amount in every paycheck, get statement three months later, and whoa, what the hell happened to my money?!

  4. Yes. If I had spent the last 20 months having fun with my money instead of saving, I could have been living the highlife and be pretty much at the same spot in life.

    C’est la vie.

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