Poker Update

I was thinking about throwing the game tonight. I’ve been killing these guys. They’ve noticed. It’s a neighborhood game, it’s bad form to be winning as much as this. I am a competitive person though. I didn’t think I could. So I told myself to play much more aggressive than usual and if I get busted so be it.

On the first hand I blew 300 on pocket 8s that I had to fold. The next hand I blew another 200. Two hands in and I’ve lost 20% of my stack. Then things went horribly wrong. By which I mean, everything went right.

Usually I bluff to steal blinds. If someone raises the blinds I don’t go over the top with a bluff. I figure if they raised they are likely to call my bluff and catch me with my pants down. Tonight I went over the top a bunch of times. Worked like a charm.

The best thing was having good cards. I had plenty of playable hands, plenty of them developed, and I got plenty of action when I wanted it.

With A-10, flop is A-x-x. I check and call his bet. Turn is another A. I check, he bets, I put him all in. He had pocket 10s, I double up.

With 5 people left the blinds are at 150-300. Player A puts in 1000. Player B calls. I look down at A-A. I raise to 2500, both of the call. The flop is 8-6-3 unsuited. I go all in. One folds and the other is knocked out.

With 4 people left I have K-K. I limp in, I’m raised and I call. Flop is K-9-5. I check, he bets big, I call. Turn is nothing. I check, he raises, I push all in. He had Q-Q and he is pissed when I knock him out.

By headsup play I had a 3-1 chip advantage. Out of 15-odd hands I had A-K twice, 4-4 once, and took him out with Q-Q.

I will say I played very well in getting people to give me action, I really do believe that no one at this level can read whether I am bluffing or not. Somewhere between that, good cards, and aggression it turned out to be a fairly easy win. Let’s face it, I am incapable of throwing a game. I just can’t.

Tonight: $110
Running Total: $538