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  1. Very mixed thoughts. Part of me likes this “Team of Rivals” approach. After Bush, it is quite refreshing to have someone willing to listen to, and consider, different opinions. But there are some obvious problems here. First, foreign policy was the one area where I think they disagreed the most; it will be tough to reconcile these differences and might result in some complicated situations. Second, I think there is going to be an inevitable backlash in a couple of years that benefits the Rs. Having Clinton out of the Senate might take her very safe seat and give someone else an opportunity to take this for the Republicans. Third, Bill could be a problem.

  2. A few thoughts:

    1) Is it possible to be more qualified to be President than Secretary of State? I think Hillary might fit into that category, although I am sure she will do a fine job.

    2) With Biden not an option, my choice would have been John Kerry. He has spent 23 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made countless visits overseas, and is a decorated war hero. Early in the primaries he stuck his neck on the line by endorsing Obama, enciting significant anger among Hillary supporters in his native Massachusetts. For Obama to not only pass him over but to choose the woman he helped him to defeat is just a tad…I don’t know…”audacious.”

    3) On a somewhat separate note, so far Obama represents “change” about as much as King Kong Bundy represented an attractive physique.

  3. I would have liked Kerry also, especially since everything he said in 2004 has been proved out to be correct. But I can’t say I mind Hillary. She’s a bit hawlkish for my tastes, but she’s also very pragmatic and realistic, two traits that seem to be dominating Obama’s cabinet.

    Funk, What is not changelike about Obamas choices so far? (I think I know where you’re going, but I want to see it explicit.)

    I agree that there might some friction between Obama and Hillary, we’ll have to see if it’s enough to create serious problems. I don’t see that seat going to a Republican though, the governor appoints.

  4. I should have been more clear. I do not mean that he does not represent a change from Bush, clearly he does. But he did not run simply on a message of being a change from Bush, he promised a change from the overall Washington system. He convinced people to vote for him instead of Hillary Clinton by arguing that he represented the future and she represented the past. Although I strongly supported Hillary, it at least seemed like a fair argument at the time. But look at who he has surrounded himself with so far. Am I to believe that had Hillary won, her cabinet would look a whole lot different from the one we are seeing unfold now?

    I’ll give him credit for this: he knows that in order to run an orderly government, he needs to surround himself with people who knows the ropes. Perhaps he learned a lesson from his friend Governor Patrick of Massachusetts, who ran on a very similar message. The difference was, Patrick kept his pledge to fill the ranks of state government with newbies. (See link below.) The result continues to be less than stellar.


  5. I was also initially disappointed at all the familiar names filling cabinet spots. But, with the economy hitting the fan, I can understand wanting to appoint people who can essentially self-manage their posts with no learning curve. I’m also neutral on Hillary, but I think she’ll do well. BTW, it’s much more of a plus for her than it is for Obama. She was stuck in a dead end in the senate. Given all the foreign policy issues, if she does well, she could reach Kissinger status. As for Bill, I think he’ll keep his mouth shut to atone for his poor performance during the primaries.

  6. Gotta go with you on that one, Oren, that Bill was a complete bonehead during the primaries, but it even continued on into the general election. It was pathetic how little help the Clintons were giving to Obama. Every word that came out of their mouths was tinged with ire at having to play the supporting role. It wasn’t quite enough to make me truly dislike them, but I am sorely disappointed with the Clintons right now.

    On a side note, “Obama” isn’t currently caught by Firefox’s internal spell-check routine (it thinks it should be Obadiah or even Alabama)…it’ll be interesting to see how long that lasts!

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