I’m thankful for: Fantasy Football Update

I won!

I won the regular season at least. In our league the first 13 weeks are the regular season and weeks 14-16 are the playoffs. I won mainly because every random player I drafted on a whim turned out to be great. Notably, Michael Turner who became the heart soul and scoring center of my team. This is even better than it sounds because this is a keeper league, so I’ll go into next year with a strong core.

I haven’t had many super-strong weeks lately. There’s a good chance I won’t win it all in the end. And may I add, how do the Titans put 47 points on the board without throwing to Bo Scaiffe!? C’mon! Either way I’ll be very happy, I don’t think I’ve ever won any league like this.

What I’m not thankful for: No prize for the winner. Bragging rights are nice, but cash is even nicer!

3 thoughts on “I’m thankful for: Fantasy Football Update”

  1. Two more weeks to go in mine, I’m in 3rd going into week 13 with a decent team, but no big weeks also, and it’s not looking good to even make the top 4 (for playoffs). Also, next week is going to be a rough matchup for me. Will let you know what happens.

    And how did you win already? It’s not Sunday yet of week 13. Do you have a crystal ball and somehow already know the outcome of tomorrow’s games (that would explain the win!)? Or is it that statistically, you already won?

  2. I’ll bet 12 months ago, you never would have thought you’d say the name Bo Scaifle or even know who he was. Ahh, fantasy football, it’s fantastic!

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