Links o’ Interest

I can’t believe we still have to protest

The Mayans were right about the world ending

Crazy driving at abandoned airport

Rowan Atkinson on the miracle of Jesus

Man with hiccups for one year

The End of Wall Street (by Michael Lewis)

Incredible pilot and landing

Chuck Norris Facts: The Opposing View

The Office is getting a spinoff

Patriots Rule

I suddenly like Jake Plummer a lot more

7 moments in mixed messages

Sexist clothing

Perspective: Middle East casualties

Quick Thinking

Golden Gate Bridge (pic)

Courage (Tuesday was Veteran’s Day)

Voting for a third Bush term. Really?

See where your username is taken on the internet

The Stupidest Exercise Machine

Best derriere in the world

50 things you didn’t know about Barack Obama

The t-shirt experiment: Tolerance fail

Science Fiction ship size comparisons

The kids in America

Man traps himself in balloon. Schmuck.

15 Greatest Adrenaline Rushes in the World

10 Last pictures taken

Things keep getting better in Iraq (seriously, I’m not snarking)

Can’t remember why progressives keep harping about Lieberman? Here’s the case against Lieberman.

Fantastic comment

Interesting messages/questions/profiles from around the internet

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