Links o’ Interest

Star Trek movie trailer. I didn’t realize was Trekdom was so riled about this one. It’s the story of Kirk and Spock, with new actors playing them. Looks very good to me.

Cut and Paste

The chosen people

Funny, and wise

What creature is this warning about?

Bruce Lee playing ping pong. Incredible (but true?)

IQ by occupation

Real class: Car of teens hits and kills other driver. They won’t help, but order fast-food to delivery scene. Follow-up: he’s escaped custody.

There’s bed-head, then there’s space-head

Yes, this is a real book

Bad jobs: Cranial brick transporter

I just love the internet.

AC DC’s newest video is in Excel ASCII format. Very neat.

To err is human…

Dying 11-year old’s last wish, feed the homeless.

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