Muttroxia is Back

Sort of. It started as a minor upgrade of WordPress software and degraded into tech hell. I’m more or less back up and running now. I’ve lost the theme (that’s the look and feel), but that’s OK, I wanted a new one anyhow. (Update: I’m trying this [“Aeros”] for now, but expect it to change a lot.)

Also, I’ve forgotten some of those random taglines I had. If anyone remembers some, or has their own they want to see, send them on. “Critical Thinking” may become the default — it seems to sum up the attitude of this blog.

I found a post from three years back that had been made private for some reason. It’s now public, if out-dated and not terribly great.

A big thanks to Sid, who hosts the domain and got me the tools I needed to repair. Yay!

11 thoughts on “Muttroxia is Back”

  1. Eh, not loving this theme…font is a bit overbearing (i.e. large!), and I like a little color in my blogs. Frankly, I liked your old theme — the simplicity, good white-space, calming light blue. Sniff, sniff…I’m gonna miss the ol’ Muttrox….

    Oh, btw, check out my new theme I also just did today. Weird…I had no idea you were going to lose yours, but I just got it into my head to change mine!

  2. I read through an RSS feed, so I almost never see the theme anyway. Do whatever you want, I only care about the words.

  3. by the way, if you are going to use the Wizard of Oz theme, change it so that it doesn’t automatically fill in “http://Website” in the “Website” field.

  4. Ooohhh! Very nice!! Me likey! Keep this cloud one…it has the old feel of the Mutt, but with a new updated cast. Kinda like “90210”, but without the bad acting and collagen injections.

  5. He’s talking about when you leave a comment on your post, you type in your Name, Mail, and Website and then type the comment below that…I guess it’s auto-filling the Website text box with “http://website” for him.

    I just replaced it with my website, and now it always puts it in automatically (must be in a cookie). Not sure how you’d get rid of it as a default, but it might be in the html of the theme as “http://website” as the default rather than just a blank.

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